Bulldog Clip Crazy: The Best Uses for a Bulldog Clip

The Bulldog clip (or binder clip for our friends in the US) was invented in 1910 by Louis E. Baltzley from Washington D.C. (U.S patent 1,139,627). Since then this invention has been redesigned over 5 times. Louis Baltzley invented the binder for his father as way for him to keep his manuscripts together.  It has been 103 years since the bulldog clip was invented, so I have decided to bring to you a roundup of some of the best uses for bulldog clips other than for holding manuscripts together! Wrap Read more [...]

The Sky’s Not The Limit – The World’s Most Sophisticated Communications Satellite

The world’s most advanced communications satellite, dubbed “Alphasat”, has just completed its testing and integration phase in Toulouse, and is now en-route to Kourou, French Guinea, in preparation for the July launch. Parent company Inmersat is a telecommunications provider that offers broadband connectivity across the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and the operation of Alphasat will further enhance their service capabilities. But what makes this particular satellite so special? • Read more [...]

The Essential Clothing Items for Men

When you see photographs of male catwalk models, do you find yourself feeling inspired, or simply confused? The truth is that many men want to look good, but don’t have much of an idea about what they should be wearing. In this context, I think it’s worth pointing out that catwalk shoes often offer some good pointers on the general direction of the fashion industry. They indicate current trends, but they shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a guide to what you should be wearing right now. Read more [...]

Five Ways To Beat Office Stress

Are you feeling stressed out at work and struggling to make it through the day? There is no way around it, a work place is stressful, but with a little help, you can get on top of that stress. Here are five useful tips to beat stress: Laugh: The old saying that laughter is the best medicine in the world is right. Laughing is a physical and hormonal release that allows your body to de-stress by increasing the antibody-producing cells that not only boost your mood, but also your immune system. Read more [...]

The Most Outrageously Expensive Restaurant Meals

We all love go out to eat for dinner, there is something so enjoyable about not having to prepare your own meal, eat whatever you want and indulging in delicious food that you would never be able to make at home. However, there are some restaurants that are not like your normal McDonalds and cost a little more than a few dollars for your meal. Restaurants from New York and Las Vegas to Sri Lanka and beyond compete to create the world’s most outrageously expensive dishes – some certified, Read more [...]

The Key to Building a Successful Business In 2013

The Key to Building a Successful Business In 2013 When you listen to the latest reports about the state of the wider economy, it’s all too easy to slip into the habit of believing that it’s difficult for business owners to be successful in such an environment. The truth is, however, that many entrepreneurs find real success in these circumstances. Those who have the energy, the ideas and the knowledge to drive through with a particular strategy will continue to produce results. To a Read more [...]